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  • 2024/07: The effect of removing early retirement on mortality

    Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Sergi Jiménez-Martín, Han Ye

    This paper studies the mortality effect of delaying retirement by investigating the impacts of the 1967 Spanish pension reform, which affected the general population and exogenously changed the early retirement age, depending on the date individuals started contributing to the pension system. Using the Spanish administrative data, we find that...

    2024/06: It where it hurts: Healthcare access and intimate partner violence

    Cristina Bellés-Obrero, Caoimhe T. Rice, Judit Vall Castelló

    This paper investigates the causal link between healthcare access and intimate partner violence (IPV) victims’ help-seeking behavior. Access to healthcare serves as a critical avenue for screening or detecting IPV. Doctors are legally mandated to report suspected criminal injuries to the authorities and can guide victims towards IPV support services....

    2024/05: The taxing challenges of the state: Unveiling the role of fiscal & administrative capacity in development

    Esteban Muñoz-Sobrado®, Amedeo Piolatto®, Antoine Zerbini®, Federica Braccioli®

    During the past two decades, several factors have challenged the stability of na-tional states, adding tensions to the connection between the state and the individual. This paper reviews the literature on state capacity. First, it introduces the origin of the literature and presents the well-established positive correlation between state ca-pacity...

    IEB Report 1/2024: Sequera: escassetat i gestió de l’aigua disponible

    Sequera: escassetat i gestió de l’aigua disponible

    La sequera és un període extens de temps en el qual un territori pateix una deficiència en el subministrament d’aigua. Normalment, n’és la causa principal la poca continuïtat de les precipitacions pluvials (sequera meteorològica), que pot comportar, de forma diferida en el temps, una insuficiència dels recursos hídrics (sequera hidrològica)...

    2024/04: Discovering tax decentralization: Does it impact marginal willingness to pay taxes?

    José Mª Durán-Cabré, Alejandro Esteller-Moré, Luca Salvadori

    Decentralized fiscal decision-making should serve to enhance welfare by promoting allocative efficiency gains and fostering greater political accountability. Within such an institutional framework, individuals are assumed to be willing to pay, at least, no less taxes than those they pay in a centralized system. We test this hypothesis by means...

    2024/03: Muddying the waters: How grade distributions change when university exams go online

    Zelda Brutti, Daniel Montolio

    We analyse how grade distributions change when higher education evaluations transition online and disentangle the mechanisms that help to explain the change observed in students' results. We leverage administrative panel data, survey data and data on course plans from a large undergraduate degree at the University of Barcelona. We show...