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  • IEB’s Report of Activities 2019

    2019: An Intense and Fruitful Year for the IEB. The Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) has just published its annual report detailing the activities throughout 2019. The document showcases a particularly productive year in which it solidly reflects the commitment of the IEB to its two main founding objectives: to...

    2020/06: Modeling the U.S. firearms market: the effects of civilian stocks, crime, legislation, and armed conflict

    Topher L. McDougal, Daniel Montolio, Jurgen Brauer

    This study represents an attempt to understand the U.S. firearms market – the largest in the world – in economic terms. A model of the underlying interplay of legal firearms supply and demand is a prerequisite for reliably evaluating the effectiveness of pertinent existing state and federal firearms policies, and...

    2020/05: Does media coverage affect governments’preparation for natural disasters?

    Pierre Magontier

    While natural hazards have never been so frequent in modern history, the political economy of disaster preparation remains largely understudied. To prepare for natural disasters, local governments can adopt mitigation measures (e.g., infrastructure elevation, retrofitting, shelter construction, etc.). However, in doing so, there is a trade-off between risk reduction and...

    IEB Report 1/2020: Cities, Taxation and Climate Change

    Cities, Taxation and Climate Change

    What we today understand as being a climate emergency represents a threat to the well-being of people around the world. According to the preeminent study by Mark Huber and Reto Knutti (2011), it is estimated that at least three-quarters of the climate change experienced over the past 60 years is...

    2020/04: Does the internet change attitudes towards immigrants? Evidence from Spain

    Alessio Romarri

    In this paper, I empirically evaluate the effect of exposure to the Internet on Spanish attitudes towards immigrants. Exploiting a confidential, innovative survey dataset, I am able to identify a relationship between Internet access and attitudes towards immigrants at the micro (municipal) level. I address the endogeneity of Internet availability...

    Info IEB. Metropolitan Mobility and COVID-19: Can Public Transport in Barcelona Absorb Demand? Number 38. May 2020

    In large metropolitan areas, the public transport network is essential for proper and smooth mobility and hardly has a substitute. Following the impact of COVID-19, public transport in the metropolitan area of Barcelona faces the challenge as to whether it will be able to continue to guarantee such mobility. On...

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