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  • 2021/07: Ignorance is bliss: voter education and alignment in distributive politics

    Federico Boffa, Francisco Cavalcanti, Amedeo Piolatto

    Central politicians channel resources to sub-national entities for political gains. We show formally that the central politicians' allocation decision has two drivers: political alignment (between central and local politicians) and the level of local political accountability. However, drivers count one at a time: alignment matters before local elections, while local...

    2021/06: The impact of ‘competition for the market’ regulatory designs on intercity bus prices

    Javier Asensio, Anna Matas

    Spain regulates its intercity bus market by means of a ‘competition for the market’ mechanism, whose design has been modified several times in the last years. This implies that current services are operated under contracts whose conditions are heterogeneous. We take advantage of such fact to empirically measure the impact...

    IEB Report 3/2021: The Impact of Digitalisation on Tax Systems

    The Impact of Digitalisation on Tax Systems

    For nearly a century, international taxation has been based on principles established within the framework of the League of Nations in the 1920s. The existence of sovereign tax systems in an incipient framework of cross-border economic transactions led at that time to the establishment of principles that would guarantee a...

    Info IEB. The Future of Barcelona Airport: An Economic View. Number 40. October 2021

    The decision by the Spanish Council of Ministers on 28 September 2021 to approve a 2022-2026 Airport Regulation Document (DORA) that does not envisage the expansion of Barcelona airport may seem to close the debate on whether or not such an expansion is necessary. However, because this decision does not...

    IEB Report 2/2021: University Reform

    University Reform

    In developed countries, the importance of university systems for their respective societies is far greater than their specific weight. The contribution they make, in terms of training human capital, research and knowledge transfer, is a decisive force for the development of the knowledge society in said countries – and Spain...

    2021/05: Terrorist attacks, Islamophobia and newborns’health

    Grace Armijos Bravo, Judit Vall Castelló

    Islamophobia has increased in recent years which can be partly attributed to terrorist attacks perpetrated by jihadist groups. Islamophobia might be a source of stress, being problematic for pregnant (Muslim) women. We examine how stress generated by the 2017 Catalonia (Spain) attacks affected the health of newborns whose mothers are...

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