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Memòria d’activitats IEB 2020

IEB’s Report of Activities 2019

2019: An Intense and Fruitful Year for the IEB. The Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) has just published its annual report detailing the activities throughout 2019. The document showcases a particularly productive year in which it solidly reflects the commitment of the IEB to its two main founding objectives: to promote and disseminate research, as well as to contribute to debate and decision-making in economic policy.
A total of 46 papers submitted by IEB researchers to international journals included in the Journal Citation Reports were accepted for publication, 20 already published in 2019 and 26 in forthcoming issues. This is a central indicator of scientific achievement. Moreover, our researchers published papers in other academic journals as well as books and book chapters with well-known publishers.
In addition to all these, the IEB has also been interested in stimulating broader public debates on relevant and compelling issues. As part of this mission, in 2019, the Institute organised six different conferences; published four IEB Reports (comprising the Report on Fiscal Federalism and Public Finances), two Info IEBs, a widely circulated newsletter; and updated the Autonomous Community Financing Map. Finally, in order to reach a broader audience, we have bolstered our communication policy with a more regular presence in the media and in Twitter.

IEB’s Report of activities 2019

Memòria d’activitats IEB 2019

Memòria d’activitats IEB 2018

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