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Montolio, Daniel

Departament d'Economia - Secció d'Economia Política, Economia Pública i Economia Espanyola - Facultat d'Economia i Empresa - Universitat de Barcelona

Director del programa d’ investigació en Polítiques Públiques

Investigador (IEB)
Professor agregat (Universitat de Barcelona)

Direcció Email:

Telèfon: (+34) 93 403 90 80


Publicacions més rellevants:

The effects of local infrastructure investment on crime


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Measuring the Negative Externalities of a Private Leisure Activity: Hooligans and Pickpockets around the Stadium


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Funding and School Accountability: The Importance of Private and Decentralised Public Funding for Pupil Attainment


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How Do US State Firearms Laws Affect Firearms Manufacturing Location? An Empirical Investigation, 1986-2010


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Regulatory environment and firm performance in EU telecommunications services


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Provision of public goods and violent conflict: evidence from Colombia


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Identifying the socioeconomic determinants of crime across Spanish provinces


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