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García-Quevedo, José

Departament d'Economia - Secció d'Economia Política, Economia Pública i Economia Espanyola - Facultat d'Economia i Empresa - Universitat de Barcelona

Investigador (IEB)
Catedràtic d’universitat (Universitat de Barcelona)


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Telèfon: (+34) 93 402 19 88

Publicacions més rellevants:

Does foreign ownership promote environmental protection? Evidence from firm-level data


Balaguer, J., Cuadros, A., García-Quevedo, J. (2023). Small Business Economics 60, 227-244.

The heterogenous effects of environmental taxation on green technologies


Tchorzewska, K., García-Quevedo, J., Martínez-Ros, E. Research Policy 51, 104541, 2022

Environmental policies and energy efficiency investments. An industry-level analysis


García-Quevedo, J., Jové-Llopis, E. (2021). Energy Policy 156, 112461, 2021

Barriers to the circular economy in European small and medium-sized firms


García-Quevedo, J., Jové-Llopis, E, Martínez-Ros, E., Business Strategy and the Environment, 29, 2450- 2464, 2020

Innovation strategies of energy firms


Costa-Campi, M. T.; García-Quevedo, J.; Duch-Brown, N., Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 26, 1073-1085, 2019

Drivers of energy R&D in manufacturing industries


Costa-Campi, M. T.; García-Quevedo, J., Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy 8 (2), 69-80, 2019

Electricity regulation and economic growth


Costa-Campi, M.T; García-Quevedo, J., Trujillo-Baute, E. Energy Policy 113, 232-238, 2018.

Financial constraints and the failure of innovation projects


García-Quevedo, J.; Segarra-Blasco, A.; Teruel, M. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 127, 127-140, 2018.

What are the determinants of investment in environmental R&D?


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Reviving demand-pull perspectives: The effect of demand uncertainty and stagnancy on R&D strategy


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The impact of R&D subsidies on R&D employment composition


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Royalty sharing, effort and invention in universities: Evidence from Portugal and Spain


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Energy efficiency determinants: An empirical analysis of Spanish innovative firms


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Challenges for R&D and innovation in energy


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