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The IEB introduces new features in the leadership of its programmes and incorporates a new one

The Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) has incorporated a new research programme dedicated to the issue of gender. Led by researcher Núria Rodríguez-Planas, the programme Gender, Institutions and Culture will work to broaden the understanding of gender differences in various areas, such as the home, education, the labour market, STEM fields, wealth, participation in risk behaviours, public health, political empowerment, victimization and perpetration.

This is not the only novelty among the IEB’s programmes. Professors Andreu Arenas and Matteo Gamalerio are the new directors of the Political Economy programme (previously the Fiscal Federalism programme), taking over from Albert Solé, professor at the University of Barcelona. Another of the programmes with changes in leadership is the Infrastructure and Transportation programme, in which Javier Asensio, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has become co-director alongside Anna Matas, professor at the same university.