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Matas Prat, Anna

Department of Applied Economics - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Director of the Infrastructure and Transport Research Programme
Researcher (IEB)
Professor (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Email Adress: anna.matas@uab.cat

Phone: (+34) 93 581 15 78

Relevant outputs:

Regional Infrastructure investment and efficiency


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L.; Ruíz, A. Regional Studies, 52, 1684-1694, 2018.

Changes in fuel economy: An analysis of the Spanish car market


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L.; Domínguez, A. Transportation Research –D: Transport and Environment, 55, 175-201, 2017.

Job accessibility and job education mismatch in the metropolitan area of Barcelona


Di Paolo, A.; Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L. Papers in Regional Science, 96, S91-S112, 2017.

Wages and accessibility: the impact of transport infrastructure


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L. Regional Studies, 49(7), 1236-1254, 2015.

How market access shapes human capital accumulation in a peripheral country: the case of Spain


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L. Applied Economics, 47(11), 1118-1132, 2015.

How effective are policies to reduce gasoline consumption? Evaluating a set of measures in Spain


Asensio, J.; Gómez-Lobo, A.; Matas, A. Energy Economics, 42, 34-42, 2014.

Traffic forecast under uncertainty and capacity constraints


Matas, A; Raymond, J.L; Ruiz, A. Transportation, 39, 1, pp 1-17, 2012.

Job accessibility and employment probability


Matas, A;  Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L. Urban Studies 47 (4), 769-787, 2010.

Car ownership and access to jobs in Spain


Matas, A;  Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L. Transportation Research, A, vol. 43, pp.607-617, 2009.

Hedonic prices for cars: an application to the Spanish car market, 1981-2005


Matas, A;  Raymond, J.L. Applied Economics, vol. 41, 22, 2887-2904, 2009.

Commuters’ valuation of travel time variability


Asensio, J.; Matas, A. Transportation Research E, vol44, 6, pp.1074-1085, 2008.

Changes in the structure of car ownership in Spain


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L. Transportation Research A, vol. 42, pp. 187-202, 2008.

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Topics of interest

Job accessibility and spatial mismatch

Regulation and competition in transport

Transport demand

Transport Economics

Transport infrastructures and industry location


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