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The IEB holds a series of conferences to mark its twentieth anniversary



On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, and in conjunction with La Vanguardia, the Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) has organized a cycle of three conferences addressing issues of wide public interest that are likely to mark the future of our society. The aim is to host a series of technical and academic debates that can help to illuminate three highly topical issues:  the future of Barcelona Airport; regional financing and taxes; and the Spanish health model.

The future of Barcelona Airport is generating immense political and social debate, and it will be the subject of the first of the IEB conferences, to be held on 29 September. The event can be followed online through www.lavanguardia.com. The conference aims to examine the issue from a technical point of view, as far as possible leaving political interests aside, and focusing on the need to reconcile economic growth with the design of environmental policies that protect the climate.

From the point of view of the increase in connectivity and the stimulus for the economic development of Catalonia that it represents, the investment of 1.7 bn euro for the expansion of Barcelona Airport is a measure that should be welcomed. However, the impact on the Llobregat delta and the model that should govern the future of air transport are factors that the debate on this project must also take into account.

The meeting will discuss the role that Barcelona Airport can play in air communications in the international context by addressing aspects such as the future demand for air transport and the economic impact of the airport on the city. The debate will ​​analyse the implications of both options – to expand and not to expand – and will place the environmental issue firmly on the table.

The IEB researcher and professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) Anna Matas, and Javier Asensio, also a researcher at the IEB and professor of Economics at the UAB, will coordinate the conference. The economics professors Alfredo Pastor (IESES) and Xavier Fageda (UB), will also take part, alongside Alicia Casart, Director of the Office of Infrastructure Studies of the Chamber of Barcelona,. The presenter and moderator will be Maite Gutiérrez from La Vanguardia.