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Economía Circular y Sector Financiero en España

15 de febrero de 2024

SEMINAR: Enrico Rubolino (University of Lausanne) – “Market Externalities of Tax Evasion”

January 12, 2024 – 14.30h – Room Sala de Recepciones

SEMINAR: Maria Alexandra Castellanos (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) – “Immigration, Parenthood and Child Penalties”

January 11, 2024 – 14.30h – Room Sala de Recepcions

SEMINAR: Tetyana Surovtseva (New York University Abu Dhabi) – “Gender, Careers, and Peers’ Gender Mix”

January 9, 2023 – 14.30h – Room 1038

IEB Report 2/2023: Mobility and Personal Taxes

Mobility, i.e., the ability of taxpayers to relocate for tax purposes (Slemrod, 2010), is a challenge for current tax systems. It concerns both the real or artificial mobility of (the profits of) companies, in part facilitated by digitization, and the mobility of the labor factor. While IEB Report 3/2021 dealt with the first type of mobility, this one deals with the second. To this end, it includes three complementary contributions, especially in terms of the geographical scope of each one.

Jornada de presentación del IEB Report 2/2023: Movilidad e impuestos sobre las personas

29 de novembre de 2023 – 12.30h – ONLINE