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SEMINAR: Maximiliano Javier Sosa Andrés (Uppsala University) – “Legal uncertainty and its consequences: A naturallanguage processing approach”

ROOM 1038 – 14.30h

SEMINAR: Ander Iraizoz (Paris School of Economics) – “Saving for Retirementthrough the Public Pension System: Evidence from the Self-Employed inSpain”

ROOM 1038 – 14.30h

SEMINAR: Laura Muñoz Blanco (Trinity College Dublin) – “Shifting MarriageTiming for Women: Destructive Events and Forced Displacement”

ROOM 1038 – 14.30h

IEB Report 2/2022: The Gender Dimension During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a health and economic catastrophe in most countries across the globe. The rapid spread of the virus, the inability of many health systems to fully meet the demand for health services, and the steps taken to restrict economic activity and social mobility showed just how unprepared many governments were to manage a crisis of this magnitude.

Jornada: La logística inversa como facilitador de la estrategia de economía circular 2030

AUDITORIO CZF – 9h-13.45h

Info IEB. Budget Practices of Spain’s Autonomous Communities. Number 41. June 2022

Spain is a decentralized country as far as government spending is concerned, operating a system in which its regions or autonomous communities play a particularly relevant role – administering roughly a third of total public expenditure – and where their fiscal outcomes have a significant impact on general fiscal policy and sustainability. Indeed, the literature dedicated to the finances of the autonomous communities has shown a specific concern for their fiscal outcomes and funding model, while their budget practices have been just partially examined by a number of specific publications.