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IEB inaugurates the Workshop on Economics of Taxation & Social Expenditure

The IEB has opened the latest edition of the Workshop on Economics of Taxation & Social Expenditure, which for this year will analyse the challenges facing the welfare state and potential solutions to issues such as expenditure management or obtaining resources to create and support public policy.

The workshop includes 43 participants sharing contributions from different research on varying issues such as taxes, mobility, tax harmonisation, and social spending in fields such as pensions, unemployment and health.

The event features the participation of two keynote speakers, University of Copenhagen Researcher Claus Thustrup Kreiner, who makes a presentation on ‘Preference Heterogeneity, Wealth Inequality and Wealth Taxation’, and Stanford University Professor Mark Duggan, who will give the concluding remarks with his presentation entitled ‘The Impact of Disability Insurance on Labor Supply: Evidence for U.S. Military Veterans’.