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How Has COVID-19 Affected the Demand for Energy products?

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has led to an emergency situation unprecedented in recent history, which has jeopardized health and the economy on a global scale. The Spanish economy and its energy sector in particular are no strangers to this reality. The impact has been analysed in a study carried out by the Chair of Energy Sustainability and presented in this IEB Info https://ieb.ub.edu/en/publication/info-ieb-impacto-de-la-covid-19-en-la-demanda-de-productos-energeticos/

This study has been conducted by researchers of Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) María Teresa Costa-Campí, Professor of Economics of the University of Barcelona (UB), director of the Chair of Energy Sustainability of the UB and former president of the National Energy Commission, and Joan Batalla, professor of Economics of the UB and general director of FUNSEAM. The analysis of consumption data for the months of March and April indicate a sharp drop in energy demand as a result of the decline in consumption and production of goods and in the supply of services.

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