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  • 2024/01: Issue brief: Making jobs out of the energy transition: Evidence from the French energy efficiency obligations scheme

    Guillaume Wald, François Cohen, Victor Kahn

    Vast amounts are being invested in the energy transition worldwide, with optimistic expectations of economic growth and green job creation. Yet, we crucially lack ex-post validations of the multiplier effects widely used to quantify new green jobs. Focusing on the French Energy Efficiency Obligations scheme, this paper provides the first...

    IEB Report 3/2023: Energy Poverty

    Energy Poverty

    According to the European Green Deal, achieving a decarbonized, prosperous, fair and inclusive European economy by 2050 requires urgently tackling a complex equation encompassing not only economic and environmental challenges, but also social aspects. This entails a strong commitment to ensuring access to clean, affordable and safe energy for all...

    2023/07: Spillover effects and regional determinants in the Ecuadorian clean-cooking program: A spatiotemporal econometric analysis

    Moisés Obaco, Daniel Davi-Arderius, Nicola Pontarollo

    Developing countries are making great efforts to electrify residences to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and deal with climate change. In 2014, Ecuador launched a clean-cooking program known as the Programa de Cocción Eficiente (PCE) aimed at replacing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)-fired cookstoves and LPG-fired boilers with electric devices. Using...

    Pobreza energética: Ecosistema de agentes para combatirla mediante intervenciones de proximidad

    María Teresa Costa-Campi (directora), Álvaro Choi de Mendizábal, Elisenda Jové-Llopis, Elisa Trujillo-Baute

    La pobreza energética es aquella situación en la que los hogares no pueden acceder a servicios energéticos adecuados y suficientes para el desempeño de una vida digna. En 2022, el 9,3% de la población europea declaró tener problemas para mantener su hogar a una temperatura adecuada mientras que el 6,9%...

    IEB Report 4/2022: Carbon Taxation

    Carbon Taxation

    The burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas emits gases into the atmosphere that act like the glass roof of a greenhouse, trapping the sun’s heat and preventing it from escaping into space, thereby increasing the temperature of the planet. This warming of the Earth is causing...

    Empleos que demandará el sector energético: nuevas oportunidades sostenibles

    María Teresa Costa-Campi (directora), Elisenda Jové-Llopis, Álvaro Choi de Mendizábal

    Antes de que la crisis del coronavirus cambiara las coordenadas del sistema económico y social, el sector energético ya había comenzado a afrontar el reto de desarrollar el sistema energético del futuro –descarbonizado, descentralizado, digitalizado y democratizado– a fin de alcanzar los objetivos de energía y clima propuestos por la...