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Raymond Bara, Josep Lluís

Department of Economy and Economic History Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Researcher (IEB)
Professor (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Email Adress: josep.raymond@gmail.com

Phone: (+34) 93 581 17 11

Relevant outputs:

Supply and use of human capital in the Spanish regions


Pastor, J.M.; Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L.; Serrano, L. Regional policy, economic growth and convergence, J.R. Cuadrado editor, Springer 2009.

Job accessibility and employment probability


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L. Urban Studies, Agosto 2010, Volumen 47•9 (Acceptat a l’abril de 2009).

Car ownership and access to job in Spain


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L. Transportation Research Pat A (Acceptat a l’Abril de 2009).

Hedonic prices for cars: an application to the Spanish car market, 1981-2005


Matas, A.; Raymond, J.L. Applied Economics, 2008. En curso de publicación, Versió disponible a Internet en la web d’Applied Economics amb data 22 de gener de 2008 (i-First).

El rendimiento del capital humano en España


Pastor, J.M.; Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L.; Serrano, L. BANCAJA-IVIE, ISBN 978-84-611-6870-5, Año 2007.

Private rates of return to human capital in Spain. New evidence


Barceinas, F.; Oliver, J.; Raymond, J.L.; Roig, J.L. En Harmon, C. Walker, I y Westengard, N y editores, “Education and earnings in Europe. A cross country analysis of returns to education”, Edgar Elgar, 2001, pags. 234-264Econometría aplicada

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Topics of interest

Applied econometrics

Human capital

Performances of the education

Transport Economics


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