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Piolatto, Amedeo

Department of Economics and Economic History, Autonomous Univ. of Barcelona (UAB)

Researcher (IEB)
Researcher (BGSE)
Ramón y Cajal Fellow (UAB)

Email Adress: amedeo.piolatto@uab.cat

Phone: (+34) 93 586 84 93

Web: sites.google.com/site/piolatto

Relevant outputs:

Prospect Theory & Tax Evasion: A Reconsideration of the Yitzhaki Puzzle


Piolatto, A., Rablen, M. Theory and Decision, 82 (4), 543-565, 2017

Political Centralization and Government Accountability


Boffa, F.; Piolatto, A.; Ponzetto; G. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131 (1), 381-422, 2016.

Optimal income tax enforcement under prospect theory


Piolatto, A., Trotin, G. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 18(1), 29-41, 2016.

Media competition and electoral politics


Piolatto, A.; Schuett, F. Journal of Public Economics, 130, 80-93, 2015.

Itemised deductions: a device to reduce tax evasion


Piolatto, A. German Economic Review, 16 (4), 422-438, 2015.

Music piracy: a case of "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer


Piolatto, A.; Schuett, F. Information Economics and Policy, 24 (1), 30-39, 2012.

Plurality versus proportional electoral rule: which is most representative of voters?


Piolatto, A. European Journal of Political Economy, 27, 311-327, 2011.

Education and vouchers


Piolatto, A. Economics of Education Review, 29 (6), 993-1004, 2010.

The regulation theory and its perspective


Bardey, D.; Piolatto, A. ENI Encyclopaedia of Hydrocarbons, 4, 351-366, 2007.

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Topics of interest

Industrial Organisation

Microeconomic theory

Political Economy

Public Economics


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