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Lago-Peñas, Santiago

Facultad de Empresariales y Turismo - Universidad de Vigo

Associate researcher (IEB)
Professor in the Department of Applied Economics (University of Vigo)
Executive Director of the Governance and Economics research Network
Co-Director of RIFDE

Email Adress: slagop@uvigo.es

Phone: (+34) 988 36 87 00

Web: webs.uvigo.es/slagop

Relevant outputs:

On the Size and Determinants of Inter-Regional Redistribution in European Countries Over the Period 1995-2009


Lago-Peñas, S.; Prada, A.; Vaquero, A. Empirica, forthcoming.

On the Determinants of Local Tax Rates: New Evidence from Spain


Delgado, F. J.; Lago-Peñas, S.; Mayor, M. Contemporary Economic Policy, 33, 2015.

On the Political Determinants of Intergovernmental Grants in Decentralized Countries: The Case of Spain


Simón, P.; Lago-Peñas, S.; Vaquero, A. Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 44 (1), 2014.

On the Relationship Between GDP and Health Care Expenditure: A New Perspective


Lago-Peñas, S.; Cantarero, D.; Blázquez, C. Economic Modelling, 32, 2013.

The Challenge of Local Government Size: Theoretical Perspectives, International Experience, and Policy Reform, Edward Elgar


Lago-Peñas, S.; Martinez-Vazquez. J. (Eds.). (Chentelham), 2013.

Decomposing the Determinants of Health expenditure: The Case of Spain


Cantarero, D.; Lago-Peñas, S. European Journal of Health Economics, 13, 2012.

The Determinants of Tax Morale in Comparative Perspective: Evidence from European Countries


Lago-Peñas, I.; Lago Peñas, S. European Journal of Political Economy, 26(4), 2010.

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Topics of interest

Economic voting

Fiscal federalism

Local public finance

Regional Economics


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