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Jofre-Monseny, Jordi

Department of Economics – Section of Political Economy, Public Economy and Spanish Economy – Faculty of Economics and Business - Universitat de Barcelona

Researcher (IEB)
Associate professor (Universitat de Barcelona)

Email Adress: jordi.jofre@ub.edu

Phone: (+34) 93 403 90 79

Web: sites.google.com/site/jordijofresite/

Relevant outputs:

Big plant closures and local employment


Jofre-Monseny, J.; Sánchez-Vidal, M.; Viladecans-Marsal, E. Journal of Economic Geography, vol. 18 (1), 187–211, 2018

‘Ghost citizens’: Using notches to identify manipulation of population-based grants


Jofre-Monseny, J.; Foremny, D.; Solé-Ollé, A. Journal of Public Economics, vol. 154, 49-66, 2017

Immigration and local spending in social services: Evidence from a massive immigration wave


Jofre-Monseny, J.; Sorribas-Navarro, P.; Vázquez-Grenno. International Tax and Public Finance, vol. 23, 1004-1029, 2016

The effects of unemployment protection on migration in lagging regions


Jofre, J. Journal of Urban Economics, 83, 73-86, 2014.

The determinants of localization and urbanization economies: Evidence from the location of new firms in Spain


Jofre, J.; Marín-López, R.; Viladecans-Marsal, E. Journal of Regional Science, 54, 313-337, 2014.

Is agglomeration taxable?


Jofre, J. Journal of Economic Geography, 13(1), 177-201, 2013.

Estimating preferences for local public services using migration data


Dahlberg M.; Fredriksson, P.; Eklöf, M.; Jofre-Monseny, J. Urban Studies, 49(2), 319-336, 2012.

The mechanisms of agglomeration: Evidence from the effect of inter-industry relations on the location of new firms


Jofre-Monseny, J.; Marín-López R.; Viladecans-Marsal, E. Journal of Urban Economics, 70 (2-3), 61-74, 2011.

The Scope of agglomeration economies: Evidence from Catalonia


Jofre-Monseny, J. Papers in Regional Science, 88 (3), 575-590, 2009.

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Topics of interest

Fiscal federalism

Public Economics

Urban economics


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