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González-Val, Rafael

Department of Economic Analysis - Universidad de Zaragoza

Associate Researcher (IEB)
Lecturer (Universidad de Zaragoza)

Email Adress: rafaelg@unizar.es

Phone: (+34) 976 761 000 (ext. 842409)

Relevant outputs:

Market potential and regional economic growth in Spain (1860-1930)


Martínez-Galarraga, J.; Tirado-Fabregat, D. A.; González-Val, R. European Review of Economic History, 19(4): 335–358, 2015

Growth in a Cross-Section of Cities: Location, Increasing Returns or Random Growth?


González-Val, R.; Olmo, J. Spatial Economic Analysis, 10(2): 230–261, 2015.

Cross-sectional Growth in US Cities from 1990 to 2000


González-Val, R. Journal of Geographical Systems, 17(1): 83–106, 2015.

Sequential city growth in the US: Does age matter?


Sánchez-Vidal, M.; González-Val, R.; Viladecans-Marsal, E. Regional Science and Urban
Economics, 44(1): 29–37, 2014.

New Evidence on Gibrat’s Law for Cities

González-Val, R.; Lanaspa, L.; Sanz-Gracia, F. Urban Studies, 51(1): 93–115, 2014.


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Topics of interest

Economic geography

Regional Economics

Urban economics


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