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Galmarini, Umberto

Università degli Studi dell’Insubria

Associate Researcher (IEB)

Associate Professor (Università degli Studi dell’Insubria)

Relevant outputs:

Vertical Tax Competition and Consumption Externalities in a Federation


Esteller-Moré, A.; Galmarini, U.; Rizzo, L. Journal of Public Economics, 96, 295-305, 2012.

Fiscal Federalism and Lobbying


Bordignon, M.; Colombo, L.; Galmarini, U. Journal of Public Economics, vol. 92, pp. 2288-2301, 2008.

Presumptive Taxation, Markets and Redistribution


Balestrino, A.; Galmarini U. Politica Economica, numero 1, pp. 165-186, 2005.

Search and Taxation in a Model of Underground Economic Activities


Anderberg , D.; Balestrino, A.; Galmarini U. Economic Inquiry, Vol. 41 (4), pp. 647-659, 2003.

Imperfect Tax Compliance and the Optimal Provision of Public Goods


Balestrino, A.; Galmarini, U. Bulletin of Economic Research, Vol. 55 (1), pp. 37-52, 2003.

Ad Valorem Taxation on Intermediate Goods in Oligopoly


Colangelo, G.; Galmarini, U. International Tax and Public Finance, Vol. 8(1), pp. 53-73, 2001.

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Topics of interest

Commodity taxation in oligopolistic markets

Special interest politics

Tax evasion

Theory of fiscal federalism


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