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Fiscal Federalism

Fiscal Federalism

Fiscal Federalism



The Research Program in Fiscal Federalism has as its primary goal the study of the public finances and the political economy of multi-level governments (i.e., supra-national, national, regional and local). Its research covers topics such as: the effects of decentralization on the quality of public services, the effects of taxes on the mobility of individuals and firms, the effects of intergovernmental transfers on subnational decisions and its impact on the local economy, the political economy of the territorial allocation of public spending and transfers, the determinants of government quality at the local level and its effects on development, the coordination of fiscal policies across levels of government, and the relation between the design of multi-level government and country stability.
The program, directed by Albert Solé-Ollé, has established itself as a reference point in this field of research and is supported by the IEB Foundation and the IEB-UB Chair in Fiscal Federalism (which was created in 2008 by the University of Barcelona, the Official Credit Institute Foundation, the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Institute for Autonomous Community Studies).


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