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Cities, Research Topics

Location of economic activities:

  • agglomeration economies.
  • knowledge externalities.
  • sectoral specialization and geographic concentration: Clusters sectors.
  • intervention and public sector business location.

Determinants of growth of cities / metropolitan areas:

  • Urban Decentralization: Causes and Consequences.
  • The role of the central city.
  • immigration in urban environments.
  • Political factors: taxation, infrastructure, land regulation.


  • creation of knowledge spillovers and innovation.
  • university-industry relations. Determinants and effects.
  • Determinants and sources of innovation.
  • innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Evaluation of technology policy and innovation.

Human Capital:

  • human capital and location of production activities.
  • local human capital externalities.
  • portability of human capital. Immigration.

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