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Foro Fiscal IEB: Simposio el sistema fiscal español en tiempos de crisis: ¿Cambios o reforma?

El Foro Fiscal IEB: el sistema fiscal español en tiempos de crisis, ¿cambios o reforma? es un debate público sobre el sistema fiscal español actual y su posible reforma. El foro toma como punto de partida un análisis académico y se centra en seis aspectos del sistema: IRPF; Sociedades; Consumo; Riqueza; Administración Tributaria y Descentralización Fiscal.

Conference on Airports Competition

How can competition be applied to the airport sector? Does competition between airports make them more efficient? What elements might distort this competition? These are just some of the questions that will be addressed at the Conference on Airport Competition, organised by the Barcelona Economics Institute and the Fedea-Abertis Chair at the University of Barcelona on November 19. At the meeting, international and national experts will present the results of their research in this field.

The conference is aimed at academics with interests in the field of transport and competition; government representatives in the field of transport and competition and representatives of firms operating in the sector.