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Call for Applications: Juan De La Cierva Postdoctoral Fellowship Sponsorship 2024-2025

The IEB (Barcelona Institute of Economics) and the Department of Economics in the School of Economics at the University of Barcelona, aims to sponsor several candidates for the Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Call by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation.

The Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) is a research centre whose goals are to promote and disseminate work in applied economics, and to contribute to the debate and decision-making process in economic policy (

The University of Barcelona is a leading centre in southern Europe, with a strong commitment to excellence in research. It enjoys a long tradition of teaching, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the field of Economics and Business.

Applicants are required to fill in their own application but also need the sponsorship of a research institution and the mentoring of an established researcher. The IEB and the Department of Economics are willing to pre-select outstanding candidates in order to endorse them in the application process.


Application Instructions

Deadline for applications: January 19th, 2024

The candidates willing to apply for a Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Scholarship under the sponsorship of IEB and UB should send an email to with the curriculum vitae.

For further details on the Juan de la Cierva Scholarships, please follow this link:

Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Scholarship”, for candidates that obtained the PhD between 2022 and 2023.  This is a 2-years postdoctoral scholarship.