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Working paper
Cátedra de sostenibilidad energética
Lisa Flatley, Monica Giulietti, Luigi Grossi, Elisa Trujillo-Baute, Michael Waterson

2016/02: Analysing the potential economic value of energy storage

This paper examines the likely market for electrical energy storage from a market viewpoint, taking market prices as given and determining the extent to which a strategy of arbitrage across the day, buying at the lowest price times at night and selling at the highest times during the early evening, generates profits in the British context. The paper sets out the potential problems as the market moves to absorb increasing amounts of wind, then characterises the nature of prices, which reveals the importance of a strategy in which power is absorbed into store for a relatively few hours of the day and discharged over a relatively few hours. The paper models the ongoing costs of operation and compares them with revenues, but does not consider construction costs. It argues that additional incentives may need to be put into place in order to render storage over relatively longer periods more attractive.

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