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Workshop on Political Economy & Fiscal Federalism: “Economic Shocks, Government Quality and Political Disintegration”

Keynote speaker: Massimo Morelli (Bocconi University)

Keynote speaker: Ernesto Dal Bó (University of California, Berkeley)

Inicio: junio 15, 2017 Final: junio 16, 2017

Sala de Juntes - Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Barcelona. Avenue Diagonal, 696 - Barcelona


Different types of economic shocks hit countries periodically. Recent examples include the global financial crisis or the exposure to trade with China. The ability to respond to these shocks depends, among others, on government quality: countries with more accountable governments and/or with higher state capacity enact faster and more effective policies. Crisis might also affect government quality: increasing government fragmentation and polarization, and affecting the selection of politicians or political norms and institutional legitimacy. Crisis might also foster nationalism and lead to political disintegration, as exemplified by the recent rise of secessionism or by the crisis of the European Union.

The workshop will focus on the interplay between economic shocks, government quality and the vertical structure of government. Papers on the causes and consequences of government quality, the political economy of secessionism and political unions, and the political economy of federalism and local government in general are also welcome.

We would like to inform you that the Workshop on Economics of Taxation «Inequality in a globalized world: a challenge for taxation» will also take place during this week, June 13-14, 2017.

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Keynote Speakers

Massimo Morelli (Bocconi University)
Ernesto Dal Bó (University of California, Berkeley)
More information

Regarding the length of the presentations, each presentation will last around 45 minutes that will be distributed in the following way:

-30 minutes devoted to the presentation of the paper

-5-10 minutes of discussion

-5 minutes of open floor discussion


Gianmarco Daniele (Universitat de Barcelona & IEB)
Amedeo Piolatto (Universitat de Barcelona & IEB)
Albert Solé-Ollé (Universitat de Barcelona & IEB)
Pilar Sorribas-Navarro (Universitat de Barcelona & IEB)

Topics of interest

Political fragmentation & polarization

Selection of politicians

Political norms and institutional legitimacy

Accountability v. state capacity

Secessionism and political unions

Federalism and local government


Submission of papers: April 7, 2017

Acceptance of papers: April 21, 2017

Registration: April 24 to June 9, 2017


Manuscripts must be submitted by email ( in PDF format indicating in the subject the name of the workshop (‘Political Economy & Fiscal Federalism’).
We will provide accommodation, coffee breaks and lunches for presenters.

Registration for non-presenters

Registration is required to attend the workshop.
Due to the limited number of available seats, we will only confirm you your registration by June 1st.