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Visiting researchers 2008

Visitings 2008


“The Programme of Visiting Researchers is aimed at active researchers working in the fields of Fiscal Federalism, Political Economy and Economics of Taxation, Economics of Innovation and Urban Economics, Infrastructure Investments and Transport Policies, Energy Sustainability, Competition and Consumers on Energy Markets, who are interested in visiting IEB for a short period of time (1 or 2 weeks).

Visiting researchers will benefit, during this period, from the IEB’s research competence in the above mentioned areas. They are expected to participate to the life of the department, which includes participating to seminars, social events, and meetings, and to interact with IEB members and postgraduate students. Visiting researchers will be able to strengthen their contacts with IEB researchers, and hopefully to lay the foundations for joint projects. Visiting researchers are requested to give a seminar and to contribute to the IEB Working Paper Series.”

Juan Pablo Montero Universidad Pontifícia de Chile Chile Del 30-1-2013
al 01-02-2013
Gabriel Ahlfeldt London School Economics UK Del 25-02-2013
al 01-03-2013
Ronald Huisman Erasmus University Roterdam Netherlands Del 02-04-201
al 05-04-2013
Matthew Rablen Brunel University West London UK Del 08-04-2013
al 12-04-2013
Cecilio Tamarit Universidad de Valencia Spain Del 24-04-2013
al 25-04-2013
David Albouy University of Michigan USA Del 15-05-2013
al 20-05-2013
Maria Dolores Gadea Universidad de Zaragoza Spain Del 23-05-2013
al 24-05-2013
Saul Lach Hebrew University Israel Del 30-09-2013
al 04-10-2013
Monica Giulietti Warwick Business School UK Del 07-10-2013
al 11-10-2013
Gustavo Marrero Universidad de La Laguna Spain Del 04-11-2013
al 08-11-2013




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