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The UB-IEB Chair in Energy Sustainability to organise a Symposium on Energy Sustainability and Competitive Markets


The meeting will be held on 29 January 2013 in the Barcelona Science Park and will include among its participants Juan-Pablo Montero (PUC-Chile) as well as other leading researchers.


The Symposium on Energy Sustainability and Competitive Markets in Barcelona will bring together high ranking researchers in the field of energy economics. The meeting will examine various questions related to energy sustainability (environmental policies and technological change; the greenhouse effect and the energy mix in Europe; R&D in the energy sector, etc.). It will also analyse various issues related to competition and consumers and the business strategies required to face the challenges of global markets in the energy sector. Among the researchers invited to participate in the symposium special mention should be made of Juan-Pablo Montero, holder of a PhD from MIT and currently professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. The Professor’s research is focused in the field of microeconomics and on industrial organization and environmental economics.

The meeting, to be held in Barcelona on 29 January 2013, forms part of the activities organised by the UB-IEB Chair in Energy Sustainability, sponsored by the Foundation for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (FUNSEAM). The Chair hopes that the symposium will help disseminate the work of leading researchers in the field of energy economics, with a particular emphasis on energy and environmental sustainability. The aim of the meeting is also to introduce the work of the Chair to both national and international academics and to establish a network of contacts with researchers working in the same field. Over the coming months the final program of the symposium will be announced and registration can be completed via this webpage.