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The IEB’s researchers Álvaro Choi and Hipólito J. Simón, winners of different prizes for their researchs

Álvaro Choi has received the José Luís Moreno Becerra PhD thesis Prize, and Hipólito J. Simon has won the Award Lluís Fina for a research about wage inequality in Europe.

The IEB researcher Álvaro Choi has received
the José Luís Moreno Becerra PhD thesisPrize for 2011, awarded by the Economics of Education Association. Choi won the prizefor his thesis entitled “Analysis of educational policies in the Republic of Korea: an approachthrough microsimulation techniques”. The thesis evaluates the impact of various educationalpolicies in the Republic of Korea on economic growth and equality in income distribution. Hipólito J. Simon has won the Award Lluís Fina, which recognizes excellence in theoretical and applied research in labor economics. He won the prize for the article "International Differences in Wage Inequality: A New Glance with Europe Matched Employer-Employee Data" (British Journal of Industrial Relations 48), which examines the origin of the significant differences in wage inequality in Europe . The main research finding is that the characteristics of the companies are a key factor in international differences in wage inequality, while the attributes of the workforce have a comparatively minor influence. Hipólito J. Simon is professor of Economic Analysis (Faculty of Economics and Business of Alicante) and associate member of the IEB.

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