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The IEB publishes its Reports on Fiscal Federalism in Spain and the World for 2010

This year’s national and international reports will centre on the funding of local governments in Spain and throughout the world


On 15 April 2010 the Barcelona Economics Institute (IEB) presented its first Reports on Fiscal Federalism under the auspices of the Chair in Fiscal Federalism of the University of Barcelona. Both documents are available for download at the IEB website.


The IEB Reports on Fiscal Federalism, which will be published each year, are aimed at a broad readership but nonetheless explore topical areas in fiscal federalism in considerable detail. The reports are written by leading experts from Spain and abroad, including researchers at the IEB and other major universities and research centres.


The next reports, to be published in early 2011, will focus on the funding of local governments in Spain and throughout the world. Among the themes that the two reports will analyse will be taxation, the role of equalization grants, and borrowing. .


A més d’una anàlisi del model de finançament autonòmic del 2009 per part de diversos autors, aquest informe tractarà temes d’actualitat com ara la situació dels municipis davant la crisi, una valoració del Fons Estatal d’Inversió local, la descentralització dels impostos sobre la riquesa a Espanya, la situació de les empreses públiques autonòmiques o l’eficiència en la provisió dels serveis públics locals, entre d’altres qüestions.


With the contributions of acknowledged specialists such as Richard Bird, Enid Slack, Lars-Erik Borge, Javier Suárez Pandiello, Xavier Labandeira, Francisco Pedraja and many others, these reports are sure to be an invaluable source for researchers in the field. They will be published in early 2011.