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The IEB presents its Third Report on Fiscal Federalism, based on the organization of local government and funding, on Thursday

The report, published each year by the Barcelona Economics Institute, proposes capitalizing on the current economic crisis to reform local government and funding. The IEB’s Third Annual Report on Fiscal Federalism, prepared by the Chair in Fiscal Federalism at the University of Barcelona, will be presented at 7 pm on Thursday, 16 February. The report focuses on local funding and proposes changes in the organization and funding of local government. The study, edited by the UB professor and IEB researchers Núria Bosch and Albert Solé, includes analyses by leading economists and aims to stimulate debate on the serious financial situation currently facing government offices.

The report comprises studies by researchers such as Maite Vilalta (University of Barcelona and IEB); Germà Bel (University of Barcelona) Francisco Pedraja and José Manuel Cordero (University of Extremadura) Anti Moisio (Government Institute of Economic Research, Helsinki), and Enid Slack (University of Toronto). The study was made possible by the Chair in Fiscal Federalism at the UB, which is supported by the ICO Foundation, the Institute of Fiscal Studies and the IEA (the Catalan Institute for Autonomous Region Studies).

The presentation will be presided over by the Vice-president of the Government and the Minister of Governance and Institutional Relations, Joana Ortega. The other speakers will be the Spokesman for the Catalan Government, Francesc Homs, the President of the IEB Foundation, Joaquim Coello, and the Director of the IEA, Carles Viver.
(The presentation will be held at the headquarters of the IEA, Baixada de

Sant Miquel 8 de Barcelona. Those wishing to attend should confirm by telephone: 93 403 46 46, or by email:  ieb@ieb.edu)