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The IEB celebrates the 3rd Meeting on Transport Economics and Infrastructure

The Sala de Graus of the School of Economics of the University of Barcelona will bear witness to the holding of the 3rd Meeting on Transport Economics and Infrastructure, organized by the IEB, and will be held on January 18.

The event will be divided into four sessions wherein research related to public transport, railway services, airport management, accident, gas distribution markets and the regulation of parking systems. A total of 13 papers will be presented by professors from North American and European universities

The inaugural conference will be led by the professor of the University of Antwerp, Bruno de Borger, with a presentation on the role of political economy in the process of decision-making related to the transport sector, more importantly those related to new investments. Professor Borger is in the editorial board of the Economics of Transportation, an academic journal which supports efforts in studying the role that political decision-making has in the final outcome of transportation policy.

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