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The IEB and Diputació de Barcelona analyze the inter-municipal cooperation systems

The IEB and the Diputació de Barcelona held the Conference on Experiences of Cooperation and Assistance between municipalities, in which various experts analyzed different models of inter-municipal cooperation and assistance that allow reducing spending in local administrations and providing a more efficient service.

The conference was attended by the director of Public Governance and Territorial Development of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Luiz de Mello, who analyzed which models of collaboration between municipalities and shared services are applied in other countries.

For its part, the Diputació de Barcelona explained the results of the plan Xarxa de Governs Locals 2016-2019, while the representative of Red Localis, Concepción Campos, analyzed the models of cooperation between municipalities in Spain.

The day closed with a round table in which Núria Bosch (IEB), Rosa Vestit (Generalitat de Catalunya) and Xavier Forcadell (Diputació de Barcelona) spoke about the challenges of Catalan local governments in this area.