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Trillas Jané, Francesc

Department of Economy and Economic History - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Associate Researcher (IEB)
Senior Lecturer (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

Email Adress: Francesc.Trillas@uab.cat

Phone: (+34) 93 581 17 17

Web: sites.google.com/site/ftrillas

Relevant outputs:

Productive Efficiency and Regulatory Reform: The Case of Vehicle Inspection Services


Duch, N.; Montolio, D.; Trillas, F. Revista de Economía Aplicada, 19 (55): 33-59, 2011.

Lobbies, Delegation and the Underinvestment Problem in Regulation


Evans, J.; Levine, P.; Trillas, F. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 26(1): 17-40, January 2008.

The Degree of Commitment to Regulator Independence: Measurement and Impact


Montoya, M.A.; Trillas, F. Hacienda Pública Española. Revista de Economía Pública , 185(2): 89-114, 2008.

Telecommunications Policies: Measurement and Determinants


Gual, J.; Trillas, F. Review of Network Economics , 5(2): 249-272, June 2006.

Utility Price Regulation and Time Inconsistency: Comparisons with Monetary Policy


Levine, P.; Stern, J.; Trillas, F. Oxford Economic Papers, 57: 447-478, July 2005

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Topics of interest

Industrial Organisation

Political Economy

Regulation federalism


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