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Torregrosa-Hetland, Sara

School of Economics and Management - Lund University

Associate researcher (IEB)
Researcher post-doctoral (University of Lund)

Relevant outputs:

Sistema fiscal y redistribución: la transición fiscal española (1960-1990)


Torregrosa-Hetland, S. Perfiles Económicos 1 (1), 149-180, 2016.

Sticky income inequality in the Spanish transition, 1973-1990


Torregrosa-Hetland, S. Revista de Historia Económica 34 (1), 39-80, 2016.

Did Democracy bring Redistribution? Insights from the Spanish tax system (1960-1990)


Torregrosa-Hetland, S. European Review of Economic History 19 (3), 294-315, 2015.

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Topics of interest

History of Economics

Inequality and redistribution

Public policies and innovation

Tax systems


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