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Sanromà i Meléndez, Esteve

Department of Economics – Section of Political Economy, Public Economy and Spanish Economy – Faculty of Economics and Business - Universitat de Barcelona

Researcher (IEB)
Professor (Universitat de Barcelona)

Email Adress: esanroma@ub.edu

Phone: (+34) 93 403 48 01

Relevant outputs:

Full- and part-time wage differences in Spain: An analysis along the wage distribution


Simón, H.; Sanromá, E.; Ramos, R. International Journal of Manpower, 38,3,449-469, 2017.

The part-time wage penalty: Does bargaining coverage outweigh regional differences in Spain?


Ramos, R.; Sanromá, E.; Simón, H. The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 27,3,368-386, 2016.

Immigrant Wages in the Spanish Labour Market: How Relevant is the Origin of Human Capital?


Sanromá, E.; Ramos, R.; Simón, H. Journal of Applied Economics, 18, 1, 149-172, 2015.

Immigrant Occupational Mobility: Longitudinal Evidence from Spain


Simón, H.; Ramos, R.; Sanromá, E. European Journal of Population, 30 (2), 223-255, 2014.

Labour segregation and immigrant and native-born wage distributions in Spain: an analysis using matched employer-employee data


Simón, H.; Sanromá, E.; Ramos, R. Spanish Economic Review, 10, 2, 135-168, 2008.

Local human capital and productivity: An analysis for the Spanish regions


Sanromá, E.; Ramos, R. Regional Studies, 41, 3, 349-359, 2007.

Collective bargaining and regional wage differences in Spain: An empirical analysis


Simón, H.; Ramos, R.; Sanromá, E. Applied Economics, 38, 15, 1749-1760, 2006.

Further Evidence on Disaggregated Wage Curves: The Case of Spain


Sanromá, E.; Ramos, R. Australian Journal of Labour Economics, 8, 3, 227-243, 2005.

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Topics of interest

Human capital


Labour Economics



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