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Sanin, María-Eugenia

Economista (Front Office, Infrastructure Department, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB))

Relevant outputs:

Counterpart choice in emission markets: beyond pollution abatement motives


Sanin, M.E., The Energy Journal, 39, 2018

Assessing the implementation of the market stability reserve


Chaton, C.; Creti, A.; Sanin, M.E., Energy Policy, 118, 642-654, 2018

Does environmental regulation create merger incentives?


Sanin, M.E.; Creti, A., Energy Policy, 105, 618-630, 2017

CO2 content of electricity losses


Davi, D.; Sanin, M.; Trujillo-Baute, E. Energy Policy, 104, 439 – 445, 2017.

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Topics of interest

Environmental and Energy Regulation

Green Innovation

Industrial Organisation


Production Networks


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