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Rizzo, Leonzio

Facoltà di Economia - Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Associate researcher (IEB)
Asociate professor (Università degli Studi di Ferrara)

Email Adress: leonzio.rizzo@unife.it

Phone: (+ 39) 0532 45 50 45

Web: sites.google.com/site/leonziorizzo

Relevant outputs:

Fiscal equalization and lobbying


Esteller, A.; Galmarini, U.; Rizzo, L. International Tax and Public Finance, DOI 10.1007/s10797-016-9415-2, 2016.

Policy outcome of single and double ballot elections


Ferraresi, M.; Rizzo, L.; Zanardi, A. International Tax and Public Finance, 22 (6), 977-998, 2015.

US excise tax horizontal interdependence: yardstick vs. tax competition


Esteller, A.; Rizzo, L. The Annals of Regional Science, 52 (3), 711-737, 2014.

Why do small states receive more federal money? US Senate representation and the allocation of federal budget


Larcinese, V.; Rizzo, L.; Testa, C. Economics & Politics, 25 (3), 257-282, 2013.

Changing needs and sticky spending: evidence from US federal budget allocation to the States


Larcinese, V.; Rizzo, L.; Testa, C. National Tax Journal, 66 (2), 311-342, 2013.

Vertical tax competition and consumption externalities in a federation with lobbying


Esteller, A.; Galmarini, U.; Rizzo, L. Journal of Public Economics, 96 (3–4), 95-305, 2012.

Electromyographic activity of hand muscles in a motor coordination game: effect of incentive scheme and its relation with social capital


Censolo, R.; Craighero, L.; Ponti, G.; Canto, R.; Fadiga, L.; Rizzo, L. Plos One 6 (3), e17372-e17372, 2011.

(Uncontrolled) Aggregate shocks or vertical tax interdependence? Evidence from gasoline and cigarettes


Esteller, A.; Rizzo, L. National Tax Journal, 64 (2, Part 1), 353–380, 2011.

Local government responsiveness to federal transfers: theory and evidence


Rizzo, L. International Tax and Public Finance, 15, 316-337, 2008.

The allocation of US federal budget to the States: the impact of the President


Larcinese, V.; Rizzo, L.; Testa, C. Journal of Politics, 68 (2), 447-456, 2006.

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Topics of interest

Fiscal federalism

Political Economy

Tax competence


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