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Mir-Artigues, Pere

Faculty of Law and Economics - Universitat de Lleida

Professor (Universitat de Lleida)

Email Adress: peremir@econap.udl.cat

Relevant outputs:

Analyzing the impact of cost-containment mechanisms on the profitability of solar PV plants in Spain


Mir-Artigues, P., Cerdá, E. y del Río, P. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 46, 166-177. 2015.

Combining Tariffs, Investment Subsidies and Soft Loans in RES-E Deployment Policy


Mir-Artigues, P. y del Río, P. Energy Policy, 69, 430-442. 2014.

A Cautionay Tale. Spain's Solar PV Investment Bubble


del Río, P. y Mir-Artigues, P. International Institute for Sustainable Developement-GSI, Winnipeg (Can). 2014.

The Spanish regulation of the photovoltaic demand-side generation


Mir-Artigues, P. Energy Policy 63, 664-673. 2013.

Support for solar PV deployment in Spain: Some policy lessons


del Río, P. y Mir-Artigues, P. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 16, 5557-5566. 2012.

La regulación fotovoltaica y solar termoeléctrica en España


Mir, P. Cuadernos Económicos de Información Comercial Española, 83, 185-205. 2012.

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