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Mas-Verdú, Francisco

Department of Economics & Social Sciences - Universitat Politècnica de València

Associate Researcher (IEB)
Professor (Universitat Politècnica de València)

Email Adress: fmas@upvnet.upv.es

Phone: (+34) 639 91 67 58

Relevant outputs:

Knowledge, promotional events and the contribution of clustering to innovation


Belso Martínez, J.A.; Mas-Verdú, F.; Roig Tierno, N. Journal of Promotion Management, 21, 4,  504-515, 2015.

Evolution of innovation policy in Emilia-Romagna and Valencia: Similar reality, similar results?


López-Estornell, M.; Barberá-Tomás, D.; García-Reche, A.; Mas-Verdú, F. European Planning Studies, 22 (11), 2287-2304, 2013.

Combining Effects of Internal Resources, Entrepreneur and Public and Private KIS on New Firm’s Size


Belso Martínez, J.A.; Molina-Morales, F. X.; Mas-Verdú, F. Journal of Business Research, 66, 2079–2089, 2013.

Trade Areas and Knowledge Intensive Services: The Case of a Technology Centre


Baviera-Puig, A.; Buitrago, J.; Mas-Verdú, F. Management Decision, 50, 8, 1412 – 1424, 2012.

Which firms want PhDs? An analysis of the determinants of the demand


García-Quevedo, J., Mas-Verdú, F., Polo-Otero, J. Higher Education 63, 607-620, 2012.

New firm creation and innovation: industrial patterns and inter-sectoral linkages


Alba, M.; García Álvarez-Coque, J.M.; Mas-Verdú, F. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal DOI 10.1007/s11365-011-0210-3, 2011.

Clustering and internal resources: moderation and mediation effects


Belso Martínez, J.A.; Molina-Morales, F.X.; Mas-Verdú, F. Journal of Knowledge Management, 15, 5, 738-758, 2011.

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Topics of interest


Industrial and Innovation Policy

Industrial Economics

Knowledge intensive services



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