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Löschel, Andreas

Center of Applied Economic Research de la University of Münster

Professor of Economics (University of Münster)

Associate Researcher (IEB)

Email Adress: andreas@loeschel.eu

Relevant outputs:

Conditional cooperation in the case of a global public good - experimental evidence from climate change mitigation in Beijing


Löschel, A.; Ran, W.; Pei, J.; Sturm, B.; Zhao, Z., China Economic Review, forthcoming

Facing the Energy Transition - An Introduction


Costa-Campi, M.T.; Löschel, A.; Trujillo-Baute, E., Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, 8(2), 1-6, 2019

The European Union energy transition: key priorities for the next five years


Löschel, A.; Tagliapietra, S.; Zachmann, G.; Edenhofer, O.; Glachant, J.M.; Linares, P., Energy Policy, 132, 950-954, 2019

The Impacts of the EU ETS on Efficiency - An Empirical Analyses for German Manufacturing Firms


Löschel, A.; Lutz, B.; Managi, S., Resource and Energy Economics, 56, 71-95, 2019

Recent Advances in Energy Demand Analysis – Insights for Industry and Households


Löschel, A.; Managi, S., Resource and Energy Economics, 56, 1-5, 2019

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Topics of interest

Behavioural economics

Climate change economics

Energy economics and policy

International environmental agreements


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