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Esteller-Moré, Alejandro

Department of Economics – Section of Political Economy, Public Economy and Spanish Economy – Faculty of Economics and Business - Universitat de Barcelona

Director of the Tax Systems Analysis Research Programme
Researcher (IEB)
Professor (Universitat de Barcelona)

Email Adress: aesteller@ub.edu

Phone: (+34) 93 403 98 13

Relevant outputs:

Empirical evidence on cooperation between sub-central tax administrations


Durán Cabré, J.M.; Esteller Moré, A.; Salvadori, L. Journal of Tax Administration, 2, 24-46, 2016

Is Decentralization Really Welfare Enhancing? Empirical Evidence from Survey Data (1994-2011)


Espasa, M., Esteller, A., Mora, T. Kyklos, en prensa, 2016

Fiscal Equalization and Lobbying


Esteller, A., Galmarini, U., Rizzo, L. International Tax and Public Finance, en prensa, 2016

Risk aversion and inequity aversion in demand for unemployment benefits


Backus, P.G., Esteller, A. International Tax and Public Finance, forthcoming, 2016

Analyzing Judicial Courts’ Performance: Inefficiency vs. Congestion


Espasa, M., Esteller, A. Revista de Economía Aplicada, 69, 61-82, 2015

US Excise Tax Horizontal Interdependence: Yardstick vs. Tax Competition


Esteller, A., L. Rizzo. The Annals of Regional Science, 52, 711-737, 2014.

Trust in the Justice Administration: Is it Dependent on the Economic Cycle and on Decentralization?


Esteller, A. Environment & Planning C: Government & Policy, 31, 506-521, 2013.

Vertical tax competition and consumption externalities in a federation with lobbying


Esteller, A.; Galmarini, U.; Rizzo, L. Journal of Public Economics, 96, 295-305, 2012.

Is the Tax Administration Just a Money Machine? Empirical Evidence on Redistributive Politics


Esteller, A. Economics of Governance, 12, 275-299, 2011.

(Uncontrolled) Aggregate shocks or vertical tax interdependence? Evidence from gasoline and cigarettes


Esteller, A.; Rizzo, L. National Tax Journal, 64, 353-380, 2011.

Tax Data for Wealth Concentration Analysis: an Application to Spanish Wealth Tax


Esteller, A.; Durán, J.M. Review of Income and Wealth, 56, 620-31, 2010.

Is There a Connection Between the Tax Administration and The Political Power?


Esteller, A. International Tax and Public Finance, 12, 639-63, 2005.

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Topics of interest

Fiscal federalism

Public Economics


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