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Duch-Brown, Néstor

Universitat de Barcelona

Associate researcher (IEB)
(On leave @ Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, European Commission)

Email Adress: nestor.duch@gmail.com

Phone: (+34) 93 402 04 14

Relevant outputs:

Assessing the assignation of public subsidies: Do the experts choose the most efficient R&D projects?


Duch, N.; García-Quevedo, J.; Montolio, D. World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, vol. 9, n. 2/3/4, pp. 149-168, 2012.

Productive efficiency and regulatory reform: the case of vehicle inspection services


Trillas, F.; Montolio, D.; Duch, N. Revista de Economía Aplicada, vol XIX, nº. 55, pp. 33-59, 2011.

A comparison of the economic and environmental performances of conventional and organic farming: Evidence from financial statements


Argilés, J. M.; Duch, N. Agricultural Economics Review, vol. 11, nº 1, pp. 69-86, 2010.

Evaluating the impact of public subsidies on a firm’s performance: a two-stage quasi experimental approach


Duch, N.; Montolio, D.; Mediavilla, M. Investigaciones Regionales, nº. 16, pp. 143-165, 2009.

Job supply and demand for university graduates in Spain


Parellada, M.; Duch, N.; Álvarez, M. Industry and Higher Education vol 23, n. 1, pp. 29-38, 2009.

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Topics of interest

Evaluation of public policies

Industrial Organisation

Spatial economics