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Dahlberg, Matz

Department of Economy - Uppsala University

Associate researcher (IEB)

Professor (Uppsala University)

Email Adress: matz.dahlberg@nek.uu.se

Phone: (+46) 18 471 11 26

Relevant outputs:

Estimating Preferences for Local Public Services Using Migration Data


Dahlberg, M.; Eklöf, M.; Fredriksson, P.; Jofre-Monseny, J. Urban Studies 49:2, 319-336, 2012.

Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution


Dahlberg, M.; Edmark, K.; Lundqvist, H.  Journal of Political Economy 120:1, 41-76, 2012

Is there an Election Cycle in Public Employment? Separating Time Effects from Election Year Effects


Dahlberg, M.; Mörk, E. CESifo Economic Studies 57, 480-498, 2011.

Is there a ‘Race-to-the-Bottom’ in the Setting of Welfare Benefit Levels: Evidence from a Policy Intervention


Dahlberg, M.; Edmark, K. Journal of Public Economics, 92, 1193-1209, 2008

Using a Discontinuous Grant Rule to Identify the Effect of Grants on Local Taxes and Spending


Ågren, H.; Dahlberg, M.; Mörk, E.; Rattsø, J. Journal of Public Economics, 92, 2320-2335, 2008

Do Politicians’ Preferences Correspond to those of the Voters? An Investigation of Political Representation


Ågren, H.; Dahlberg, M.; Mörk, E. Public Choice, 130, 137-162, 2007

Public Employment and the Double Role of Bureaucrats


Dahlberg, M.; Mörk, E. Public Choice, 126, 387-404, 2006

The Effects of Grants and Wages on Municipal Labour Demand


Bergström, P; Dahlberg, M.; Mörk, E. Labour Economics, 11, 315-334, 2004

On the Vote Purchasing Behavior of Incumbent Governments


Dahlberg, M.; Johansson, E. American Political Science Review, 96 (1), 2002.

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Topics of interest

Evaluation econometrics

Fiscal federalism

Political Economy

Welfare issues


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