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Curto-Grau, Marta

Research Centre for Distributional Conflict and Globalisation Alfred-Weber Institute for Economics

Associate Researcher (IEB)
Postdoctoral researcher, Research Centre for Distributional Conflict and Globalisation (University of Heidelberg)

Relevant outputs:

Voters' Responsiveness to Public Employment Policies


Curto-Grau, M. Public Choice, 170(1): 143–169, 2017.

Does electoral competition curb party favoritism?


Curto-Grau, M., Solé-Ollé, A., Sorribas-Navarro, P. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, forthcoming.

Pork-Barrel Politics in Semi-Democracies: The Spanish “Parliamentary Roads" 1880-1914


Curto-Grau, M.; Herranz-Loncán, A.; Solé-Ollé, A. The Journal of Economic History, 72 (3), pp 771-796, 2012.

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Topics of interest

Fiscal federalism

Political Economy

Public Economics


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