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Costa-Campi, María Teresa

Department of Economics – Section of Political Economy, Public Economy and Spanish Economy – Faculty of Economics and Business - Universitat de Barcelona

Director of the Chair of Energy Sustainability at the UB
Researcher (IEB)
Professor of  Economics Applied (Universitat de Barcelona)
Spanish National Energy Commission Former President

Email Adress: mtcosta@ub.edu

Phone: (+34) 93 403 46 46

Relevant outputs:

Innovation strategies of energy firms


Costa-Campi, M. T.; Duch-Brown, N.; García-Quevedo, J. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 26 (5): 1073-1085. 2019.

Is energy market integration a green light for FDI?


Costa-Campi, M. T.; Paniagua, J.; Trujillo-Baute, E. The Energy Journal, 39, 39-56, 2018.

The economic impact of electricity losses


Costa-Campi, M. T.; Davi, D.; Truijllo-Baute, E. Energy Economics, 75, 309-322, 2018.

What are the determinants of investment in environmental R&D?


Costa-Campi, M. T.; García-Quevedo, J.; Martínez-Ros, E. Energy Policy, 104, 455-465, 2017.

Editorial: European Union: Markets and regulators


Costa-Campi, M.T.; Giulietti, M.; Trujillo-Baute, E. Energy Policy Journal, 94, 396-400, 2016.

Collateral effects of liberalisation process: metering, losses, load profiles and cost settlement in Spanish electricity system


Batalla-Bejerano, J.; Costa-Campi, M.T.; Trujillo-Baute, E. Energy Policy Journal, 94, 421-431, 2016.

Retail price effects of feed-in tariff regulation


Costa-Campi, M.T.; Trujillo-Baute, E. Energy Economics Journal, 51, 157-165, 2015.

The diffusion of patented oil and gas technology with environmental uses: A forward patent citation analysis


Costa-Campi, M.T.; Duch-Brown, N. Energy Policy Journal, 83, 267-276, 2015.

Energy efficiency determinants: An empirical analysis of Spanish innovative firms


Costa-Campi, M.T.; Garcia-Quevedo, J.; Segarra, A.  Energy Policy Journal, 83, 229-239, 2015.

Editorial: Challenges for R&D and innovation in energy


Costa-Campi, M.T.; Garcia-Quevedo, J.; Trujillo-Baute, E. Energy Policy Journal, 83, 193-196, 2015.

R&D drivers and obstacles to innovation in the energy industry


Costa-Campi, M.T.; Garcia-Quevedo, J.; Duch-Brown, N.

Energy Economics Journal, 46, 20-30, 2014.

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Topics of interest

Economic analysis of energy

Industrial Economics

Industrial Location

Institutional analysis of the company


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