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Backus, Peter

The University of Manchester

Associate Researcher (IEB)

Email Adress: petergbackus@gmail.com

Relevant outputs:

Charitable Giving for Overseas Development: UK Trends Over a Quarter Century


Atkinson, A.B.; Backus, P.G.; Micklewright, J.; Pharoah, C.; Schnepf, S. Journal of Royal Statistical Society, forthcoming.

Is charity a homogenous good?


Backus, P.G. Warwick Economic Research Paper 951, 2011.

Are big charities becoming increasingly dominant? Tracking charitable income growth 1997-2008 by initial size


Clifford, D.; Backus, P.G. TSRC Working Paper 38, 2010.

Trends in the concentration of income among charities


Backus, P.G.; Clifford, D. TSRC Working Paper 39, 2010.

Donations for overseas development: Evidence from a panel of UK charities


Arulampalam, W.; Backus, P.G.; Micklewright, J. S3RI Applications & Policy Working Papers, A09/02, 2009.

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Topics of interest

Charitable contributions

Private provision of public goods


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