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Arauzo-Carod, Josep-Maria

Fac. Ciències Econòmiques i Empresarials - Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Associate researcher (IEB)
Lecturer (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

Email Adress: josepmaria.arauzo@urv.cat

Phone: (+34) 977 75 98 54

Relevant outputs:

Regional Determinants of Firm Entry in a Developing Country


Arauzo, J.M. ; Calá, D.; Manjón, M. Papers in Regional Science, forthcoming

The Determinants of Entry and Exit in a Developing Country: Core and Peripheral Regions


Arauzo, J.M. ; Calá, D.; Manjón, M. The Annals of Regional Science, 54 (3), 927-944, 2015.

Industrial Location and Spatial Dependence: an Empirical Application


Arauzo, J.M. ; Liviano, D. Regional Studies,48 (4), 727-743, 2014.

Location Determinants ofNew Firms: Does Skill Level of Human Capital Really Matter?


Arauzo, J.M. Growth and Change, 44 (1), 118-148, 2013.

Agglomeration,Accessibility and Industrial Location: Evidence from Spain


Arauzo, J.M. ; Alañón, A. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 25 (3-4), 135-173, 2013.

Can aknowledge-based cluster be created? The case of the Barcelona 22@district


Arauzo, J.M. ; Viladecans, E. Papers in Regional Science, 91 (2), 377-400, 2012.

(Optimal) Spatial Aggregation in the Determinants of Industrial Location


Arauzo, J.M. ; Manjón, M. Small BusinessEconomics, 39, 645-658, 2012.

EmpiricalStudies in Industrial Location: An Assessment of their Methods and Results


Arauzo, J.M.;Liviano, D. ; Manjón, M. Journal of Regional Science, 50 (3), 685-711, 2010.

IndustrialLocation at the Intra-metropolitan Level: The Role of Agglomeration Economies


Arauzo, J.M.; Viladecans, E. Regional Studies, 43 (4), 545-558, 2009.

Sources of innovation and industry-university interaction: evidence from Spanish firms


Segarra, A.; Arauzo, J.M. Research Policy, 37, 1283-1295, 2008.

Determinants of Industrial Location. An Application for Catalan Municipalities


Arauzo, J.M. Papers in RegionalScience, 84 (1), 105-120, 2005.

Firm Size andGeographical Aggregation: An Empirical Appraisal in Industrial Location


Arauzo, J.M.; Manjón, M. SmallBusiness Economics, 22, 299-312, 2004.Localización industrial

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Topics of interest

Firm demography

Industrial Location

Regional Economics

Urban economics


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