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Coronavirus y finanzas públicas: Let’s do whatever it takes

Info IEB. Coronavirus and public finances: Let’s do whatever it takes. Number 33, April 2020

We were ill-prepared. We are facing a shock of such magnitude that our healthcare, financial, fiscal, and even our mental, structures are all struggling to overcome the serious challenges posed by COVID-19. It goes without saying that the principal problem that we have to deal with immediately concerns healthcare provision, though this clearly goes hand in hand with the macroeconomic costs caused by the paralysis in production and consumer activity (Baldwin, 2020). Having said that, the recommendations – or perhaps, given the massive uncertainty that reigns (Furman, 2020), the opinions – of economists can be of great use to us now, insofar as governments need to know, and the public wants to learn, what the economic consequences of this shock are going to be.

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