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  • Info IEB. Decomposing the impact of immigration on house prices. Number 45. December 2023

    The study of the economic impact of immigration in receiving regions has been a highly researched area for the past 30 years and continues to attract much attention from academics and policymakers1. Recent large population displacements have renewed interest in analysing the effects of large immigration inflows across locations. For...

    2023/05: Real estate prices and land use regulations: Evidence from the law of heights in Bogotá

    Diego Buitrago-Mora, Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López

    Between 2015 and 2017, the Law of Heights (Policy-562) regulated areas of urban renewal in specific locations of Bogotá (Colombia). Using a novel dataset based on detailed information at the block level between 2008 and 2017, we study whether this policy affected real estate prices. Our empirical strategy compares the...

    Info IEB. New Light on the Effects of Rent Control in Catalonia. Number 44. March 2023

    Housing affordability is an increasingly important problem in cities around the world. In Europe, approximately one in ten families spend more than 40% of their income on housing costs, a situation referred to as “housing overburden”, which is particularly acute in cities (Eurostat, 2021). In Spain, 20% of tenant households...

    2023/01: Place-based policies: Opportunity for deprived schools or zone-and-shame effect?

    Manon Garrouste, Miren Lafourcade

    Even though place-based policies involve large transfers toward low-income neighborhoods, they may also produce territorial stigmatization. This paper appeals to the quasi-experimental discontinuity in a French reform that redrew the zoning map of subsidized neighborhoods on the basis of a sharp poverty cut-off to assess the effect of place-based policies...

    2022/10: Decomposing the impact of immigration on house prices

    Rosa Sanchis-Guarner

    Immigrant inflows affect local house prices by increasing housing demand when housing supply is fixed. In this paper, I show that we can formally decompose total demand changes into changes stemming from an immediate increase in population due to new arrivals (“partial effect”) and additional changes in demand from relocated...

    2022/09: (IN)convenient stores? What do policies pushing stores to town centres actually do?

    Paul C. Cheshire, Christian A. L. Hilber, Piero Montebruno, Rosa Sanchis-Guarner

    England´s Town Centre First Policy, introduced in 1996, restricted the opening of new retail and other ‘traditional town centre activities’ to ‘Town Centre’ (TC) locations. The aim was to halt the decay of high streets. We explore the impact of the policy on the supply and location of grocery shops...