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Paula Salinas and Javier Asensio (IEB), winners of awards from the Sociedad Económica Barcelonesa de Amigos del País

The economist, Paula Salinas (UB-IEB), has won the 2013 Alexandre Pedrós Prize in public economics for her study "Key questions to ensure the success of education decentralization. Evidence from OECD countries". The paper analyzes why countries that have decentralized their education systems obtain better academic results. The Alexandre Pedrós Prize is awarded to the best study presented by researchers from the whole of Spain at the year’s meetings discussing issues in public economics.


Professor Javier Asensio (UAB IEB) has won one of the four prizes awarded by the Societat Econòmica Barcelonesa d’Amics del País to undertake research related to the economic development of Barcelona. His project is entitled "Anàlisi econòmica del comerç minorista a la ciutat de Barcelona. Determinació de preus,canvis en la regulació i impacte dels grans establiments sobre el teixit comercial." (Economic analysis of the retail trade in the city of Barcelona. Price determination, changes in regulations and the impact of large shopping centers on the fabric of trade). The four winning teams have a year to complete their research.